Upgrading and migrating

We offer a number of different options for upgrading your existing iCore solutions, and/or migrating them to one of our cloud services.


We upgrade iCore Integration Suite to the latest version in your existing environment.

Lift & shift

We upgrade iCIS to the latest version and move it into a new environment, but without re-building any integration solutions or scenarios.

  • The new environment can be cloud, on-premise or a combination of both (hybrid).
  • The Lift & Shift option does not consider any new technical requirements that come with changing environments. To ensure a smooth transition, you need to make sure that the legacy iCore systems can be accessed from the new target environment. 

Move & improve

We evaluate and improve your integration solution and deploy it in the new target environment.

  • Improvements are based on the availability of new technology, and any changes that have occurred in the process since the solution was implemented.
  • We also consider changes in data quantity, message frequency and new business processes, which may impact the integration flows.

Lift & reshape

We upgrade iCIS to the latest version, evaluate your integration solution and move it to the new target environment. This is a value-adding service, where we try to make significant improvements through small changes. The approach and end result depends on the complexity of your data.

One example of a fairly simple way to add value is to replace an existing FTP file transfer with our Dropzone standard cloud solution. Other options are:

  • Dashboard functionality
  • Traceability
  • Logging
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