Upgrade recommendations

On this page, we explain how your current installation scenario affects your options to upgrade iCore Integration Suite (iCIS).

  • Scenario A – Your Test (TEST) and Production (PRD) environments are running in the same iCore system and share the same database.
  • Scenario B – Your Test and Production environments are running in separate iCore systems, which use different databases.

Scenario A – Test and Production in the same iCore system

In this scenario, we upgrade both environments at the same time. We do not have the option to verify the iCIS upgrade or your existing integration flows in advance. We perform the upgrade directly in the Production environment, and test and verify while your system is operational, and your flows are running.

The obvious downside in this scenario is that if anything goes wrong during the upgrade, it may cause operational disruptions. While it is possible to roll back the upgrade, it means that iCIS will not be able to process any data during this time.

Scenario B – Test and Production in separate iCore systems

In this scenario, we start by upgrading the test environment to the latest version, and then proceed to verify the upgrade as well as all your integration flows. Any disruptions will only affect the test environment. Once the upgrade has been verified, we can carry out the same upgrade process in the production environment.


We strongly recommend that you upgrade iCIS according to Scenario B, to ensure that any potential problems can be detected before they affect your production environment.

If you currently do not have a separate test environment, contact an iCore sales representative to extend your license. Alternatively, you can rent a temporary test license during the upgrade.

If you plan to replace your server hardware along with the upgrade, having access to a test server is particularly important.

For more information about upgrade and migration options, go to Upgrading & migrating.

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