Managed Services

Whether your integration solution runs in the iCore cloud* or in your own IT environment, we offer a number of services which makes the management of your solution easy and convenient, and ensures that it is always up and running.

* Note that solutions hosted by iCore always include a basic level of managed services. 

System monitoring

System monitoring is an automated "is-alive" monitoring service that checks the availability of the iCore systems included in your integration solution. If any of the systems are unavailable or under heavy load, this will be automatically reported to the iCore Service Center. Before any actions are taken, the customer is notified and gets to decide what to do next. 

Infrastructure monitoring

The Infrastructure monitoring service is an automated preventive service which continuously monitors your server(s) health status. The service checks available disk space, RAM memory, CPU usage and reports back to the iCore Service Center.

If a problem is detected, the customer is notified and gets to decide what to do next.

Process monitoring

The Process monitoring service ensures that all transactions and messages processed by your iCore systems are working correctly and that they reach their destinations. If any errors occur, the customer is notified and gets to decide what to do next.

Active process monitoring is an optional service, where iCore takes responsibility for correcting any problems without involvement from the customer. We offer Active process monitoring at a fixed monthly rate, following an introductory phase and setup process.