Management service

The iCore management service is responsible for running various administrative tasks, such as starting a system, installing a service, and activating and verifying licenses. For example, when you start a system via tools such as iCore Administrator or Cmdlets, the tool calls the (local) management service to perform the tasks. The local management service will call the remote service if needed.

Communication between the management service and other services/processes on the local computer is done through named pipes. In a clustered system, the management service uses TCP to communicate with management services on other computers. The management service is configured during installation, but can be modified in the Local settings in Administrator or via Cmdlets.

Note: The iCore Management Service must be running for any other iCore services to function. The management service runs under the name iCoreMgmtSvc in the OS services list.

Note: The management service must run under a user account with administrative rights. When iCPS is installed, the management service is configured to log on as the built-in "Local System" account by default. To change this, use the functions available in Windows to change the user account of the iCore management service and then restart the service. Also note that the management service needs to run under an account that has access to the iCore Database.


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