Functionality shortlist

Business integration flows in iCIS can be configured and deployed without traditional coding. iCIS facilitates real-time integration across the entire enterprise.

Functionality Description


  • WAN, LAN - request/reply, publish/subscribe, queue, synchronous and asynchronous.
  • HTTP(S), FTP(S), SMTP, MSMQ, POP3, SFTP, AS2, REST, SOAP, Azure Service Bus, MFT
  • Options: OFTP2, IBM WebSphere MQ, Tibco EMS
  • Secured delivery

Message routing

  • Route and filter information to correct destinations.
  • Split/merge
  • Routing rules, also based upon content.

Process management and support

  • Event driven architecture, real time support.
  • Support for batch and time scheduling
  • Extensive support for non-events 
  • State management, supports long lived transactions.

Data capture and transformation

  • Advanced data capture, including binary formats.
  • Validate, transform and link data.
  • Cross references, calculations.

Message support and transformation

  • Native e-business standard support (e.g. Peppol, OAGIS, GS1, ebXML, Odette)
  • XML, EDIFACT, flat files, binary files, ANSI X.12, Json, VDA, Tradacoms, IDOC

Trading partner management

  • Generic, with partner profiles.
  • Templates, inheritance for efficient volume handling.


  • Standard interfaces to applications and ERP systems. For example: Agility, Alystra, Amazon, Ariba, Astro, Autocad, Azure, B2B/EDI, BAAN, BPCS, C4, Centiro, Database(MS SQL, DB2, DB400, Oracle and ODBC), Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX (Axapta), Dynamics NAV (Navision), Enterprise, EPiServer Commerce, HR-Plus, IFS, inRiver, Intelliplan, iScala, JDE, Jeeves, jetShop, Jira, Lime, Litium Studio, LogTrade, Medius, Magento, Maginus OMS, Markeeto, Manhattan, M3/Movex, Mobilast, Monitor, NetSet, Nova, NYCE, Office 365, Oracle, OPC, Palette, Perfion, Pyramid, Qlik, Raindance, SAGE, Salesforce, SAP, SmartTeam, Unit4/Agresso Business World, Visma, Wipcore, Woo Commerce, Wrike.
  • Support for many different processes.


  • Advanced processing in multiple CPU and clustering.
  • True multitasking and use of threading.                

Fault redundancy

  • Security and fail-over facilities, supports 24 x 365 use.

Separated test and production environment

  • Allows QA and testing in several steps.
  • Version handling


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