All automatic procedures and tasks performed in iCore are controlled by Components. The iCore Developer lets users create and add new Components based on Scripts, to be configured and deployed in the runtime environment (iCore Process Server). 

The Developer contains a Script editor, in which you describe your business processes. It is a powerful tool that allows the experienced user to describe any type of process in a dynamic way. This means that to have full impact in the whole iCore system, future updates need only be done in one place.

The Script editor can be accessed directly in iCore Developer, or from iCore Administrator.

iCore Developer is recommended only for system developers or people with experience and knowledge of script language. Accessing the script editor requires certain rights, which may cover full accessibility and rights to edit new, change or delete existing scripts or simply to view how the scripts are configured.

The Script Code Generation tool (or “CodeGen tool”) is an additional tool which helps you speed up script development by automatically generating Script code based on a number of Script code generator definitions (e.g. scripts for translations between XML, intermediate and flat file formats).


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