Private Cloud

In the Private cloud, iCore provides the customer or partner with dedicated, private servers in our central cloud infrastructure.

Project introduction

We introduce the integration solution through a traditional iCore project. 

Operation and upgrades

iCore deploys and manages both the production and test environments. The customer or partner has access to and can make changes in the test/development environments via the web-based Administrator tool (and local tools if they have the competence). When the solution in production however, the customer or partner only has viewing privileges.

Upgrades are performed at least once a year at an agreed-upon time. Approved solutions are upgraded by iCore. The customer decides and is responsible for the tests required after an upgrade. After approved user acceptance tests, iCore will deploy the solution in production.

Monitoring is performed both on a system and infrastructure level. Process Monitoring can be added as an extended service level. Infrastructure patching takes place during regular service windows and do not affect uptime and does not require involvement from the customer. Maintenance of the iCore environment and the customer infrastructure is managed by iCore.

Ownership and further development

The iCore customer or partner owns the integration solution and is always involved in and drives the development and content over time.

  • VPN is available for the service.


Project cost (determined by the scope of the project) plus monthly fees according to our price list. If you are currently an on-premise iCore customer, we always make sure to start from fully upgraded iCore systems with developed system tests.

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