iCore Cloud Services

iCore Cloud Services are built on Microsoft Azure infrastructure. This section contains more technical information about the services.

Project introduction

We introduce the cloud-based integration solution through a traditional iCore project.

Deployment, operation and maintenance

iCore deploys and manages both the production and test environments. As an iCore customer or partner, you have access to and can make changes in the test/development environments through the web-based Administrator tool (and local tools if you have the competence). System tests are designed and set up as a part of the development project.

Monitoring is performed both on a system and infrastructure level, and you can add process monitoring as an extended service level. You can keep track of all your transactions and data flows in the Administrator tool (but with viewing privileges only).

Infrastructure patching takes place during regular service windows and do not affect uptime and does not require any involvement from you. Furthermore, iCore takes responsibility for upgrading and maintaining all approved solutions. Upgrades are performed on a regular basis, and we make sure that the solution is always running the latest version of iCore Integration Suite.

Ownership and further development

The iCore customer or partner owns the integration solution and is always involved in and drives the development over time.