Note: The version number indicates the earliest compatible iCPS version. For example, a package with title "iCPS 4.1 U3 SP2..." is compatible with iCore Process Server 4.1 / Update 3 / Service pack 2, and later.  

iCPS 4.00 U1 SP1 - B2B 2018-08-27 (licensed) iCore B2B Advanced Adapter package. Password to the IEO: Icps2010 zip 708 kB
iCPS 4.00 U1 SP1 - Automotive 2018-11-14 (licensed) Mappings for automotive Global messages. zip 397 kB
iCPS 4.00 U1 SP1 - Trading 2018-11-14 (licensed) Mappings for (ESAP20) trading messages. zip 709 kB
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