Note: The version number indicates the earliest compatible iCPS version. For example, a package with title "iCPS 3.30 U3 SP2..." is compatible with iCore Process Server 3.30 / Update 3 / Service pack 2, and later.

iCPS 3.30 U3 SP2 - Workflow Examples 2017-04-05 Exercise 1.0 - ESBRouting Exercise 2.0 - Partner Entity Filter (Traverse an entity filter) Exercise 3 - MSMQ Send Exercise 3.0 - MSMQ Receive Exercise 4.0 - XML (Parse XML, Read-Write Tag(s), Read-Write-Add Attributes) Exercise 4.1 - Read XML XPath Navigator (Read XML using a Document Navigator) Exercise 4.2 - Write XML Exercise 5.0 - Looping a Cross Reference Exercise 6.0 - Gettting a partner attribute using Code (Context.System Code Example) zip 85.4 kB
iCPS 3.20 - Examples 2015-09-30 (free) HTTP, MSMQ and other examples. zip 69.4 kB
iCPS 3.00 - WF, Compensation Sample 2013-10-25 (free) A sample demonstrating how CompensableActivity can be used to delete files created previously in the execution if a subsequent step fails, in a part of a simplified processing of an editfact interchange. zip 19.6 kB
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