Note: The version number indicates the earliest compatible iCPS version. For example, a package with title "iCPS 3.30 U3 SP2..." is compatible with iCore Process Server 3.30 / Update 3 / Service pack 2, and late

iCPS 3.30 U3 SP2 - Generic File Communication (GFC) 2018-04-23 (licensed) This version supports Transaction Handling and _iCPS_ESBRouting possibilities. zip 512 kB
iCPS 3.30 U3 SP2 - Posten FTP 2017-02-02 (free) Communication with Swedish Post via FTP. zip 25.5 kB
iCPS 3.10 - Strålfors FTP 2014-06-10 (free) Communication with Strålfors via FTP. zip 28.7 kB
iCPS 3.10 - Secure Node Transfer (SNT) 2014-05-30 (free) Secure communication between Trusted and DMZ. zip 108 kB
iCPS 3.10 - VL Trader 1.41.0 2014-06-10 (free) Communication using VL Trader. zip 44.3 kB
iSeries FTP - List Format Entry - Template 2011-06-14 (free) Template for iSeries FTP. Import this file as a List Format Entry in an Adapterflow. zip 1.2 kB
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