Common installation information

Note: Before you start installation, read the installation guide in the iCIS helpfile carefully.

The installation files are in zip-format and must be extracted to the "InstallIcore" directory before you start the installation.

iCPS 2.84 - Data Export 1.0 2014-05-27 (free) zip 31.3 kB
iCPS 2.80 - Common 2013-06-17 (free) Basic functions for daily maintenance, general error handling, etc. zip 29.5 kB
iCPS 2.80 - Data Formats 2015-03-19 (free) Node Types and Node Type Versions definied by iCore zip 21.6 kB
iCPS 2.80 - iCPS ESB Templates 2012-04-16 (free) Templates for ESB processing zip 21 kB
iCPS 2.80 - iCPS Templates 2011-03-17 (free) Latest version of 'Script Import\Templates'. zip 28.9 kB
iCPS 2.80 - Is Alive 2015-06-05 (Invoke) (internal) iCore IsAlive (internal) zip 31.3 kB
iCPS 2.80 - Reporting 2011-03-17 (licensed) iCore Reporting Client, Server and documentation 2011-03-17 (licensed) zip 529 kB
iCPS 2.80 - Utilities 2012-01-13 (free) Various utilities, for example RunAsSingle, TrackingNodeStatistics. zip 38.8 kB
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