iCPS v2.84

Common installation information

The installation files are in zip-format and must be extracted to the "iCore Install" directory before you start the installation. If you have old versions of the directories "iCore Compiler" and "iCore Database" in the Install-directory, delete these directories before extracting the zip-files. For information on how to install or update iCPS, see "Related documents". For more detailed information about new features in the current version, see release note.

Dart is replaced with EldoS

In previous version of iCPS, Dart was used to perform Script operations of communication type (Mail, HTTP, FTP etc). In this version of iCPS, Dart is replaced with EldoS (if the Script is compiled and run in managed mode). This switch has caused some backward compatibility issues. Please read iCore Developer Help to figure out how/if this might impact your iCore system(s).

Upgrade of web service definitions

A system upgrade to 2.84 requires re-compilation of all imported Web service definitions.

During this process, access to the Web service at its URL might be required, otherwise the compilation of Web service definition may fail. The compilation of Web service definition can also be performed manually after a system upgrade. However, the adapterflows using that Web service cannot be executed at runtime until the dependent Web service definition is compiled.

Adapterflows upgrade

If you are upgrading from 2.84 SP8 or any previous 2.84 version, please use the new CheckAdapters.exe tool to find out if there are any Adapterflows with data writers that uses both expressions and data input. These Adapterflows might need to be modified. Please open them and verify that everything is displayed correctly. If you are upgrading from any 2.83 version (or previous) no actions needs to be taken. (See B17912 in the release text.)

iCPS 2.84 - Full installation iCPS 2.84 (2012-01-14) zip 568 MB
iCPS 2.84 - Full installation (without SQL Server 2008 Express) iCPS 2.84 (2012-01-14) zip 314 MB
iCPS 2.84 - Service pack 21 iCPS 2.84 - Service pack 21 (2016-03-11) Important notes: When upgrading from a prior to SP17 some extra steps need to be performed. For every system that is in use, the following steps must be done: 1. Open a command window. 2. Navigate to the iCore\Bin directory 3. Enter the command Sysadmutil.exe /SID:<systemid> 4. A dialog is shown, select the option "Re-apply and build developer libraries." There are changes in database functions in managed mode. If your scripts are run in managed mode and uses positioning in recordsets that are not forward only (i.e. you use backward positioning or move last in function Set recordset position), you must update the Execute query or Run Stored Procedure function that fetches the recordset and set the parameter ‘Forward only’ to false. If you are not sure, you can run the iCoreUpgradeReadinessCheck tool, which is attached to this servicepack. This tool helps you find all scripts that might need to be updated. If ‘Forward only’ is set to false, the entire recordset is loaded in the memory. zip 20.7 MB
iCIS help files and PDFs 1. Extract the files to a local folder. 2. If you are unable to access the contents of a help file (.chm), check the file properties and click "Unblock" (if this option is available). zip 7.72 MB
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