iCIS v4.1 Update 4 SP3

What's new in iCIS v4.1 Update 4?

iCIS v4.1 Update 4 contains the following new functionality:


The Administrator tool is now installed separately and is no longer installed with the main iCIS installation file, which means that:

  • You do not need to install iCIS (iCore Process Server, the iCore runtime product + development tools) on a machine which is only meant to run the Administrator site.
  • The machine running only the Administrator site does not have to comply with the technical requirements of iCIS.

Changes in access to Node data

It is now possible to view and upload Node data from the the Node details view.

  • Viewing Node data requires that the User is part of a User group which has the permission "Read data" on the Node entity.
    Note: Viewing is done in an external tool determined by the MIME type of the Node.
  • Uploading data to a Node requires that the User is part of a User group which has the permission "Edit data" on the Node entity.

In previous versions, Users could edit the Node content directly in the external tool invoked by the Administrator GUI, but only if they had iCore tools installed on the local machine. This option, and the "Edit Node content" button, has now been removed.

New permissions on the Node entity

New permissions, "Read data" and "Edit data", have been added to the Node entity in User group authorization. When upgrading the system, the new permissions are added in the following way:

  • User groups that have the Read Node permission also gets Read data.
  • User groups that have the Edit Node permission also gets Edit data.

Common installation information

Note: Before you start installation, read the installation guide in the iCIS helpfile carefully.

The installation files are in zip-format and must be extracted to the "iCore Install" directory before you start the installation.

After installation, remember to download and install the correct version of any iCore packages that you are using. Old package versions may not be compatible with the iCIS version that you have upgraded to!

iCIS v4.1 Update 4 SP3, full installation Incl. Administrator zip 129 MB
iCIS v4.1 Update 4 (with SPs), Release note Release notes 2019-12-11 html 322 kB
iCIS v4.1 Update 4 SP1, Helpfiles 1. Extract all help files to the same (local) folder. 2. If you are unable to access the contents of a help file, check the file properties and click "Unblock" (if this option is available). zip 20.8 MB
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