iCIS v4.1 Update 3 SP7

What's new in iCPS v4.1 Update 3?

iCPS v4.1 Update 3 contains the following new functionality:

Administrator tool

Improved usability, performance, and stability.


New actions are recorded in the Audit log.

User group permissions

User group permissions "Show" and "List" have been removed and replaced with a single permission called "Read".

iCore Public API

It is now possible to create custom Audit logs from Workflows and Web APIs via the iCore Public API. The public interface IUser now exposes the properties RestrictedOperations, IsDisabled, PasswordNeverExpires and IsPasswordChangeRequired, which can be used when setting up systems from PowerShell.

Import/export tool

The ForceImport action is now available in batch import documents. ForceImport lets you overwrite an already existing entity during import, which for example can be used to update an entity in the destination system with new references that have been added to the entity in the source system, even if no other changes has been made to the entity itself.

Common installation information

Note: Before you start installation, read the installation guide in the iCIS helpfile carefully.

The installation files are in zip-format and must be extracted to the "InstallIcore" directory before you start the installation.

After installation, remember to download and install the correct version of any iCore packages that you are using. Old package versions may not be compatible with the iCPS version that you have upgraded to!

iCIS v4.1 Update 3 SP7, full installation zip 119 MB
iCIS 4.1 Update 3 SP7 with SPs Release note Release notes 2019-09-12 htm 1.8 MB
iCIS Helpfiles 4.1 Update 3 1. Extract all help files to the same (local) folder. 2. If you are unable to access the contents of a help file, check the file properties and click "Unblock" (if this option is available). zip 20.2 MB
SQL Server 2012 Express x86 zip 740 MB
SQL Server 2012 Express x64 zip 702 MB
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