iCIS v4.1 Update 2 SP1

What's new in iCIS v4.1 Update 2?

iCIS v4.1 Update 2 contains the following new functionality:

Import/export tool

It is now possible to export and import the Audit configuration and User password policy in the System settings.

Administrator tool

The old forms-based Administrator tool is deprecated and will be removed in the next RTM. To prepare for upcoming releases, make sure to install and configure the new web-based Administrator. 

View mode filters

View mode filters are used to control which nodes in the System explorer tree a certain User or User group can see. In addition to controlling access by showing and hiding nodes, the filters also replace Favorites. When upgrading an iCore system, existing view modes and favorites are converted to View mode filters for each respective User. The View mode filters are instantly applied to the system explorer tree. View mode filters are only available in the Administrator tool.

User management

It is now possible to change user passwords with the cmdlet Set-iCoreUserPassword.

Common installation information

Note: Before you start installation, read the installation guide in the iCIS helpfile carefully.

The installation files are in zip-format and must be extracted to the "InstallIcore" directory before you start the installation.

iCPS v4.1 Update 2 SP1, full installation zip 119 MB
iCPS 4.1 Update 2 with SPs Release note Release notes 2019-01-28 htm 1.62 MB
iCPS Helpfiles 4.1 Update 2 1. Extract all help files to the same (local) folder. 2. If you are unable to access the contents of a help file, check the file properties and click "Unblock" (if this option is available). zip 21.9 MB
SQL Server 2012 Express x86 zip 740 MB
SQL Server 2012 Express x64 zip 702 MB
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