Integration Designer

The purpose of the course is to teach you how to design and implement integration solutions based on the iCore integration methodology and the tools available in iCore Integration Suite (iCIS). You will start with a basic integration scenario and implement it in iCIS. As the course progresses, you will learn how to modify the solution as the scope expands and the business requirements change.

What is iCore Integration Suite?

iCore Integration Suite (iCIS) is a collection of tools which help you develop, run and maintain powerful and flexible integration solutions. The program suite contains a large number of solutions for secure integration between inhouse applications of any kind or towards external business partners. At the heart of the application suite is the iCore Process Server, an “integration engine” which connects systems and applications and makes data available when and where it is needed.

iCore Integration Suite includes:

    • iCore Process Server – A high-level ESB runtime product. No limits on the amount of Partners (connection points).
    • Administrator – An administration and monitoring tool. iCore Administrator is free for iCore users (included in all run-time options).
    • Basic Accelerators & iCore Advanced Accelerators – Pre-packaged technology and application accelerators for easy Adapter configuration. iCore Accelerators enable loose coupling with any ESB or integration platform.
    • Adapterflow Wizard – A wizard-driven tool that provides a fast and structured process for creating single control-flow logic definitions.
    • Developer – A dialog-driven Script development tool for definitions with complex control flow and complex data processing.
    • Script Code Generation Tool – A code generator working as a development accelerator. The CodeGen tool can help shorten development time significantly.
    • Workflow Designer – A graphical editor that can be used to create and edit definitions with complex control flow, custom extensibility and .NET framework functionality.
    • Web API editor – A tool which lets you quickly and easily set up integration flows towards the latest web platforms.
    • Additional tools for import/export, Component testing, management through PowerShell Cmdlets, and more.

Training material

A downloadable .zip file which contains all the resources you need during Integration Designer training can be found at the bottom of this page.

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