The Developer course teaches you to create Scripts that implement process flows tailored to your company's business requirements. Scripts are generally used to handle translations between different formats, or when Adapterflows are not flexible enough. When you create Scripts, you are restricted to using iCore functions, objects and COM objects.

Note: This course requires that you have attended the Integration Designer course. We also recommend that you have basic knowledge of XML, XML schemas and the Microsoft .Net framework.

The course contains:

  • Introduction to Scripts and iCore Developer
  • Creating executable code in iCore
  • Intermediate formats in iCore
  • Parsing and translating structured data
  • Script Code Generation tool
  • Non-XML structures
  • Structure definition Scripts
  • Data enrichment
  • iCore implementation guidelines

Intermediate formats in iCIS

Using intermediate formats remove internal dependencies in the data, and is a good way to make sure that your solutions stay “loosely-coupled” and that you can reuse individual components. They also help making your solutions “cleaner” and easier for other people to understand.

Training material

A downloadable .zip file which contains all the resources you need during Developer training can be found at the bottom of this page.

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