Advanced Developer

The Advanced Developer course teaches you to create advanced integration logic built on Workflows and Web APIs.

Note: This course requires that you have attended the Integration Designer and Developer courses. Knowledge of XML, XML schemas and the Microsoft .Net framework are required as well as iCore Integration Suite v4.0.

What is a Workflow?

A Workflow can be described as a graphic description of a processing. Workflows should mainly be used as a complement to Adapterflows when more advanced integration logic and functionality is required.

A Workflow definition consists of a number of Workflow activities. Some activities are delivered by iCore Solutions and others come from Microsoft. A Workflow definition is separated from its runtime instance, and to make a Workflow executable it must be configured as a Component configuration.

Workflows are created and modified in the Workflow Designer tool. The designer can be started either as application from the menu bar or from iCore Administrator.
The designer shows a graphical representation of the Workflow XAML, which has several advantages:

  • The user can quickly get an overview of what a particular Workflow is doing.
  • The user can design a Workflow without in-depth knowledge of XAML code.
  • The user can present the functionality of a Workflow to a person without a developer background.
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