Administrator training (for Unit4 Integration Suite users)

This training is intended for Unit4 customers who use iCore Integration Suite to manage applications and processes. The goal of this three-hour, online training is to provide basic understanding for your integration solution from an administration and security perspective. In the first part, you will get an overall view of the solution on a "non-technical" level. In the second part, you will learn how to manage the solution in practice, as well as solving potential problems that may occur (e.g. interrupted integration flows).

The course includes a course compendium that allows for in-depth studies.

The course contains

  • How to turn integration into a business opportunity
  • Introduction to iCIS
  • Understanding the iCore Administrator GUI
  • User Groups (authentication and authorization)
  • Integration scenario overview
  • Tracking and tracing integration flows
  • iCore integration methodology
  • The building blocks of integration flows - Components, Event definitions and configurations.
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