iCIS v4.1 has been released!

iCore Integration Suite v4.1 has been released and contains a number of new, exciting features and improvements, for example:

  • Extended user security and management to meet GDPR and SOX standards.
  • Improved user experience and performance in Web Administrator. The new client session management prevents timeouts and makes it easier to work in multiple browser tabs. The F5 key can be used to refresh the active browser view. Performance of entity filters has been optimized.
  • Support for the latest version of the Microsoft .NET framework (v4.7.1).
  • Improved Script compilation to better suit developers working in teams. The Information needed for compilation is now stored together with the base Script in the system database, and is not tied to different iCore users.
  • Improved user security on iCore invoke / AS2 sites.
  • New security and performance parameters have been added to mail and FTP activities in all Component definitions.

Go to the download page to get detailed information about the release and download the software!