iCIS v4.4.1

What's new and release notes

Important: This release contains important functionality that supports the use of modern authentication in mail clients.

Learn more in What's new: https://docs.icoresolutions.com/WhatsNew/v4.4/WhatsNew.OnPrem.4.4.1​

Release notes: https://docs.icoresolutions.com/WhatsNew/ReleaseNotes

Common installation information

Note: Before you start installation, read the installation guide carefully.

The installation files are in zip-format and must be extracted to the "iCore Install" directory before you start the installation.

After installation, remember to download and install the correct version of any iCore packages that you are using. Old package versions may not be compatible with the iCIS version that you have upgraded to!

iCIS v4.4.1, full installation Including Administrator version 4.4.1 zip 151 MB
SQL Server 2012 Express x64 zip 702 MB
SQL Server 2012 Express x86 zip 740 MB
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